Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Opening a Window

Steph and I left the house last night and took off in two totally different directions. I took my oldest son out to dinner while Steph took my youngest to a rehearsal for our church's Christmas program where he plays a "wood's child" (what ever that means). My oldest son and I ended up getting home first and upon arriving home I noticed several of our windows were open.

Now it wasn't like we were gone very long, maybe two hours, but I felt the possibility of our home being violated. Before doing anything else I went around the house and made sure all of the windows were shut. It was a little unnerving.

So I started thinking about those people who love to sleep with their windows open. They love to hear the sounds of nature. It relaxes them. Oh the joy of an open house where wild fragrances are invited to rush in by our own little portal to their world. The great, majestic outdoors.

There is a funny thing we like to ignore about nature. Every living, breathing creature and plant outside of your window would love nothing more than to see you dead. The romantic notion of the "circle of life" boils down to kill them before they kill you or run like hell! When you walk out your front door (and even while you are in your home if we are being honest here) you enter into a world where doing harm to you has a favorable outcome to every creature you come in contact with (especially other humans). To be human is to be ruler nature, the top of the food chain, which means inherently you are despised.

We love to have our windows open in our home, but once things go a little south, it sure is nice to be able to slam them shut!

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