Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is our God

This is the God I worship.

The God that created the blue jay and taught him to sing his song is the same God that has gingerly placed every maggot on every rotting corpse on every battlefield from the open field battles of the Philistines and Israelites to the back alley slums of the Mexican drug cartel wars. He is there when the bride decides to marry the man kneeling before her and He is there when the serial killer chooses his next victim. Every leaf that has fallen off a tree, every dew drop that has moistened the ground and every piece of shrapnel that has every torn through human flesh have all been chosen by God to rest where they do. There are no coincidences and no accidents for the lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord (Proverbs 16:33). He is the God that chose both Abraham to bless the world with his promise and the God that chose Judas to kiss the cheek of Jesus and send him to the gallows. The God that created Mother Teresa and Adolf Hitler. This is our God.

This is the same God we call to at ever meal. We hold hands around the table and summons Him to join us. We never ask where He’s been or what He’s been up to because we either never think about it or we don’t really want to know. We know He does such dirty work, but we never ask Him to wash His hands. His hands are clean. The work of being God is both delightful and horrific. God is there at the birth and death of every human being. He stands in quiet dignity as both heros and cowards take their last breaths. He knows the deepest desires of their hearts. This is our God.

So why worship this God of sorrow and joy? Why worship the God of duplicity? Because his cause is great. Each life that seems to be torn down with total disregard was given by Him for His purpose and taken at a chosen time that is beyond our understanding. The same God that created the mountains and the sky, the same God that poured the sea into the depths of the earth is the same God gave us the passion to create and gave us the greatest gift of all: Love. The God that brought us death so that we could experience life. Isn't it just like the personality of God to bring us eternal life and eternal life abundantly through the horrific death of his only begotten son? This is our God.


  1. Thank you for such an incredible post.

  2. Danny - This is a hard place to arrive as a believer, but it's the truth, and this is an eloquent way to present this. Very nicely done.